Sunday, March 8, 2009

Even dogs need to be shredded

Well, my third appointment with Jillian is over. Depending on when I start my "week", I either did it two or three times my first week. (I'll say three, since I didn't really commit until Tuesday of this last week) This time wasn't as bad as the first two, and I finally feel like my body is remembering good form. Considering how long it has been since I did a proper squat, I figure I'm doing good. Nothing injured, and making improvement.

The only issue I'm having is Tess. Apparently human exercise time means puppy exercise time. So to keep her from getting squished during a jumping jack, I'm stuck fitting in throws of her favorite toy while trying to not lose step with Mistress Jillian. Not too bad, my only complaint is that she gives up too quickly. She can only seem to hold up for about 10 minutes, not the fully 20. Maybe if I can work her up to 20 minutes, she can go off of her diet food.

As for progress... after absolutely hating the pants I ordered from Lands End (seriously guys, I'm fat, not pregnant or 60 years old), I furthered my search for work pants and braved Lane Bryant. Despite what the woman on the phone said last week, they did have khakis. I went in to try on a size 20, but ended up having to get a 16. I nearly cried I was so happy about it. They fit a little snug, but I have enough stuff to get me through another week or two until they really fit well. The 18 would have been too big pretty quick, so I think I made the right choice. I also got a pair of tummy-holding-in jeans that do wonders. After weighing 313 right before I gave birth to M, my skin is having a hard time adjusting to the weight loss. I have some below the waist line issues that are hard to disguise and starting to get uncomfortable. I know the toning and time will help, but maybe if I win the lottery, I'll get a tummy tuck some day.

Tuesday is weigh in day, so we'll see how I've actually progressed in that department.


amy turn sharp of doobleh-vay said...

god for you babe!!! congrats! i need to check out this shredding craze!

Shib said...

I bought the shred DVD 3 months ago. I am not sure where it is in my house! Got to find it.

Ms. Huis Herself said...

Yay for you. I can't do any shredding when girls are around for same reasons - too much underfoot!

April said...

how fantastic!!! i have some serious gravity/tummy issues from my pregnancies and weight loss too. hoping one day tummy tucks will be routine and cheap ;-)

Sarah @ said...

Good for you on the size 16 front! That's motivation, too, right there =)

Good luck on the weigh-in!