Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Holy back fat baby, what was I thinking.

When I said I would post pictures, I obviously did not think about the fact that there really are no mirrors in our house, and apparently the ones at work are seriously thinning. Oh, or maybe clothing is good for me.

However, I said I would do it. Maybe I can inspire someone else to do this. Because it isn't pretty, at all. Sorry for the guys I know outside of blog who have to look at this. Avert your eyes.

Lest you think I'm kidding about the damn bathroom at work, this was last week I think.

The only thing that is encouraging to me at all is that I've already lost 15 pounds, and a friend who hasn't seen me in like 6 months said I look great. Basically, they could have been worse pictures.

Oh, and yes, bra is at least a size too small. Finding serious sports bras as a big girl ain't easy. Mail order only for them to be the wrong size sucks. This was purchased as I was getting pregnant (only slightly kidding) at the Title 9 store in Boulder two and a half years ago. General fitness clothes for plus sizes has gotten much better recently, underwear still has a way to go. Pretty sure that this was the biggest I could get. At least compression is good for the jumping jacks.


tere said...

you one brave momma now I'll have to catch up.

darcie said...

What an inspiration you are! Perhaps when this weather warms up I can play along with this game!

Antigone said...

YOU are going to be an amazing success. I can't wait to watch the transformation.

Plus you're pretty to start with so you're going to look phenomenal.

Shib said...

You are brave and I feel like I know you. Because those could be my photos. I like myself so much better in clothes, y'know?

You look so cute in the work photo, btw.

Birdie said...

Wow! You ARE brave and very inspiring. Rooting for you!!! And your work outfit is super cute.

Sarah @ said...

These sorts of pictures must be inspirational to others; I've been seeing them all over the blogosphere!

Good luck with the Shred stuff! I know you can, I know you can, I know you can =)

April said...

good for you!!!