Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What local places do you love?

I should have reminded everyone of this again, especially with IComLeavWe going on, but I was apparently too caught up in my own pity party to remember.

I am giving away a book. One Yard Wonders. Written by my friend Patricia Hoskins, owner with her husband Matt of the amazing Crafty Planet and her friend, Rebecca Yaker. All you have to do is tell me something original that you like. Post about it, even better. Comment here, really good. Email me, sure that works too. I'll post it over there on the side bar. Does it have to be local to where I am, heck no.

The idea is that in this tight economic time, instead of supporting the big box retailers and a craziness that has left people dead (last year a security guy at Wally World), that you can focus this black friday on supporting businesses in your community. Not giving up on the post Thanksgiving kick off to the holiday shopping, but maybe doing a bit more in your own hood.

The book I am giving away, autographed by the authors. Purchased with my own money because well, I just think Trish and Rebecca are that kind of awesome. Also, my copy of the book, the one I have been using to make oodles (we're up to two) of cute little fabric houses out of, not autographed. I saved that one for you.

PS. Thanks everyone for the comments on my last post. Proof yet again that the Internet rocks.


darcie said...

I am just wrapping up a post about a small mom and pop company out of Iowa that I just stumbled upon.
I am intrigued, excited, hopeful.

I am actually giddy!

Check out

I just received their complete laundry system, lip balm and goat milk soap.
The lip balm is seriously the. best. ever!
I will be ordering these in bulk for stocking stuffers for my friends...the rest...well, check out my blog!

Mrs. Gamgee said...

Honestly, I am guilty of shopping at national chains for most things. I will say tho, there is a locally owned grocery store here in my corner of the flatland that bakes the best breads ever, and I won't buy bread from anyone else.

mosker said...

I, too, spend time shopping at national chains for a lot of the thing regular supplies I need, but recently a friend and I have been hitting second-hand stores. We've spent hours scouring the stock. I don't typically enjoy shopping, but it has been a great way to quality time together while supporting local vendors.

Pusher said...

Bob's Produce Ranch! (Now with two locations!) I love this place. Fantastic butcher counter, and they stock all kinds of local produce in season. They're also my source for Colorado peaches in August, which, as you know, I've taken to buying by the case because I am so addicted. They're the only grocery store I know of where you can buy bulk "second" tomatoes and apples -- the ones that aren't pretty and may need some spots cut out, but you can get lots of them for a song. (I'll opt out of the book giveaway, since I am not at all crafty.)

The Marketing Mama said...

Well, I love Creative Kidstuff. They have quite a few locations in the Twin Cities now, but are still small compared to Toys R Us and Target, where I think most people buy toys.

Katie said...

My FAVORITE store in Saint Paul is the Peapods, on Saint Clair and Snelling. I went there today and got a couple of things at 40% off during the sidewalk sale, and always buy my daughter's shoes there, since they carry the brand I like and they cost the same regardless of where you get them. I can't wait until Kiernan's a little older (she's 18 months) and I have a legitimate reason to go to Wonderment up Grand, since it's gorgeous but everything seems a little advanced for her.