Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Post is a Post Right?

I would have a post, I would have a header that isn't creepy (according to my mom) but I spent all night sewing doll carrier #3. #2 was sort of a bust, basically a try out for #3 which I now need to get M to try on and then take away from her, despite the fact that it is PINK! and GREEN! her favorite colors.

Pictures coming when I trim off all of the threads.

Well, and do the dishes, sort of neglected those too.


confused homemaker said...

I like the header. Then again maybe that says something about me ;P

Shanu said...

What is the header? I guess boiling tomato sauce .. but maybe you said earlier and I missed it :D

Ms. Huis Herself said...

Um, brains? :) Carpet? Baked red goo?

Elizabeth said...

I have to agree with your mother about the creepy header...I spent several minutes the other day trying to figure it out, and none of my ideas were appealing.