Sunday, November 8, 2009

Hi Ho!

I have to go to work tomorrow.

I used to say that I would make a horrible stay at home mom. It is the kind of rationalization you need to do when you need to be a working mom, but you would rather sit and cuddle a twelve week old instead. It is partially true. I would have a very hard time doing it, but as M gets older, it gets not nearly so bad. If I hadn't felt like death for part of the week, I could have even gotten in some work from home while she played. I hadn't realized how much fun it was going to be when she played on her own. We've even been forcing the issue a little by making her have rest time in her room when she normally would have napped. A couple of hours of forced book reading and quiet play has helped us all stay sane. Well, only as sane as I can be when her room is trashed at the end of the two hours.

Which is all to say, even with minimal TV (which I am totally justifying as my need to get some damn rest) I think I'm comfy doing true full on work from homes if I need to.

Today was a weirdly productive day. An overflowing wash tub in the basement meant I got some extra cleaning done down there (don't ask) and while M had quiet time I even managed to whip out a doll sling for my niece. M tried it on for me, but was not so enthralled with it that I can't put it away for a present later. I left out my sewing machine so I may even try doing another kind tonight. Maybe. I still have more laundry to do. I also tried to workout, but my card for Snap Fitness didn't work. I am extraordinarily pissed about this since I paid for six months a week and a half ago, but getting the sewing done help soften my attitude about.

The pretty fabric definitely helped.


Jen said...

oooh pretty! I can't believe you whipped it up during rest time. You are so crafty!

Anti-Supermom said...

Very pretty stuff, you are super crafty and I'm starting to feel bad about being lazy. Kinda :)