Saturday, November 7, 2009

Release the Hounds!

Today M and I celebrated ending quarentine with a shopping trip where I bled money in an effort to find a dress that would go with the dresses my nieces already have for holiday photos, and some good twirling dresses.

M continues to be a contradiction, and I couldn't be more proud. She loves dresses, and pink, and things that twirl, while loving robots, pirates, trucks and dinosaurs. I don't know how I've done it this far, somehow balancing the typical type girls at daycare (she was one of only three non princesses types in her class) with my, ummm, less than girlishness. She knows that there are princesses, but really, doesn't know much beyond what is on her pull-ups and that girls at school like them. We've tried to encourage anything that she has shown an interest in, regardless of the gender normally associated with it.

The shopping was good, if not well, expensive, but we found what we were looking for for the most part. It was so nice to be out of the house.

We ended the afternoon (after rest time, the new naptime) with a visit to see "her" Trish at Crafty Planet. She saw her on TV yesterday and was very excited about getting to see her today. Trish and Rebecca looked amazing, as always. I didn't get my (your) book, because they were nearly sold out and I didn't NEED it right away, but I understand it will be there soon. I did see parts of it including a small soft dollhouse (LOVE IT! M will be getting one for Christmas if I get up off of my arse) and an apron I need to make (I am a klutz in the kitchen). Seriously, you want to win this book, or buy it.

Side note, apparently the Barnes and Noble special version has five extra patterns. Not sure what they are, and while I totally would support buy it directly from Crafty Planet if you're local, hello, five more patterns. That would be 106.

The lovely Patricia Hoskins and Rebecca Yaker.

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