Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Tomatoes are Ripening! The Tomatoes are Ripening!

The warm weather the last week has caused my tomatoes to wake up. All of a sudden I have three or four ripe tomatoes every day. I also realized that I have a problem.

I have a wall of tomatoes. They are huge, leaning in to the fence, and there are tomatoes all of the place in side that lush greenery. There is also what is left of my poor inadequate tomato cages.

I'm going to have to bring a headlamp, flashlight, or some other light source down in there to find them and navigate getting them out of the tomato cages. Not that I'll mind of course, I'd do anything for my home grown tomatoes.

So far most of them have been eaten straight or put in to salsa. I'm really enjoying that the tomatoes, onions and jalapenos all have come out of my garden. The cilantro grew too fast for the tomatoes, so I've been getting that from my favorite herb pusher at the farmer's market, Dehn's garden.

Next on my list is caprese salad. I still have yet to find a good fresh mozzarella here in Minnesota. Those two years in NY living in the same building as the Fratelli Ravioli store that made the stuff on site have me spoiled. I have thought about trying to make it myself, but that scares me just a little. I'll also have to get some basil from Dehn's tomorrow. Apparently basil cares about crop rotation and soil quality. Who knew?


Rebecca said...

yum. I love fresh tomatoes.

Heather said...

That reminds me I need to get in the garden and pick our tomatoes. Yummy yummy! Salsa sounds delicious right now.

confused homemaker said...

we started to pick ours too. the taste of fresh tomatoes is out of this world.

Shanu said...

The border is close. I bet you can get fresh mozzarella in Wisconsin. Try googling a bit. We get fresh cheesecurds from the COOP in Ellsworth (sp?) -- never been there though, Melissa goes with a friend. Maybe they have fresh Mozz too.

The Fritz Facts said...

Ours changed quickly too, and more started growing. That heat really helped a ton. If it doesn't warm up again I am going to wrap mine in plastic to trap the heat. I don't want to loose any.