Sunday, August 16, 2009

End of the Summer

Since M is in daycare, and I am working full time, summer doesn't have quite the meaning it did when I was a kid. I can see things being different when M is older and the school year means more. For us, it is just about enjoying the (finally) warm weather before it is gone too soon.
For discovering giant mushrooms that sprouted overnight in the back yard.

For marveling in giant bumble bees that are feeding on the wild snapdragons I let take over the back corner of the yard. (who may have been later killed by the dog)

For sitting in the sun eating the last peas from the garden. (the 90 degree weather finally sun burned them to death)

And watching a tiny ant crawl all over mom's Crocs, while still holding on to your peas.


Jill said...

Great photos!

Ms. Huis Herself said...

Cool pix! My fav is the chair one.

tere said...

great fun!! Talent on holding things--she can multi-task?!

The Fritz Facts said...

Such great pictures! I love the chair one the best, just realaxing.