Thursday, August 13, 2009

Fried Sprout Brain

Adjusting to the anti-depressants is taking time (woah, so not prepared to feel like I was on speed), and that combined with some really deep posts has left feeling inadequate if I write anything less deep. So instead, I'm just going to ramble and see if it clears out everything. Right now I'm feeling a little toasted around the edges.

For my birthday I got A to agree to get me some jewelry. Part of my new found confidence in myself (which got another boost by seeing official 30 pounds weight loss at the OB/GYN's office yesterday) means I'm wearing jewelry more. I got just stunning earings from Momomatic and Velma at the BlogHer swap meet, but no necklaces that really did anything for me. So, A got me this from Sudlow, and I'm still looking for another item or two.

Any Etsy sellers you really like? I'm taking suggestions. Has to be better than just browsing.

I went through the trouble of getting a couple of pairs of pants hemmed (which I have never ever done before) because I realized that lifting very heavy computers while wearing high heels is a VERY bad idea. It makes it hard to lift right, and my ballance is all screwed up. I pick them up tomorrow. The seamstress who is doing it comes reccomended, but she's quirky. For some reason that makes me trust her more.

There is a lot of weight loss happening with the few women on my floor at work (it is IT, we're outnumbered). We're all encouraging eachother, sharing tips, and best of all, handing down clothes. It feels good knowing that something you may have rarely worn is going to get used. Also, it feels good to have them out of the house, knowing that you won't just revert back to your old ways because you have stuff you can wear.

Tonight, M said I didn't love her. Two is hard. I hope I make it out of Two alive.

I really am starting to think that weighing less than 200, and even the ultimate goal of 155 is doable. I saw my OBGYN yesterday and she who knows my recent weight history best, was impressed and encouraging. Take that weight loss drugs, I don't need you.


tere said...

Great news. you'll make it pass the twos and then have to teenager to look forward too. Have to love them unconditionallly even if they don't. Tomorrow she'll hug you and love you up. Found it best to roll with it and remember the Norwegian bachelor farmer, and my grandmother saying, "take it as it comes" & what ever happens happens.
ps I love the peas.

confused homemaker said...

Adjusting takes time, it does get better each day it feels less foggy & if you are on the right one you'll begin to feel more like you. I know that lately I have started to finally feel more like me again, not perfect just me.

Jill said...

You can do it!! And yes, two is hard, but keep in mind that she doesn't know what she's talking about. I mean, she's only two! What does she know? :-)

kristen said...

The peas in the pod necklace is adorable.

I have no experience with Two. I only have two emo cats. However, you can always vent your frustration with Two to me.

And yes, adjusting takes time. It's like your brain gets kidnapped for a little bit. You'll know what works and doesn't work for you.

Still wondering what happened with that debacle last night...

Birdie said...

Ask and ye shall receive! A couple of my Etsy favorites: are edmdesigns - (I am IN LOVE with steampunk jewelry)and Bijoutiful which is nature themed metal work. So gorgeous!!

Congrats on the weight loss!!

I think we're just heading into Two...the mornings are SO DIFFICULT right now. Doesn't want to get dressed, doesn't want to eat breakfast...ugh.

Rebecca said...

That is great! Sparkles and self-love. What a great combo. Have you looked around you to see who is noticing you? I bet you have some fans who love your sparkle and new hot bod.

Heather said... makes absolutely stunning necklaces (and she's a nice person too).

The Fritz Facts said...

I dont't wear much, only my ring and watch, so I am no help on that.

I am so encouraged by your weight loss! After years of struggling with it, I am making a choice. I am not happy so, time to change it.

I have the opposite problem, work with 90% females who are NOT supportive at all, so that makes it hard.