Sunday, June 7, 2009

I was not paid for this post.

I'm sort of trying to ignore all of the whole bruhahaha going on, because it so doesn't apply to me, but just so you know, despite running ads on my site, no one pays me for anything I write. I was doing paid blogging before, but that was at a different site and very up front. I feel the need to say it, because I'm going to BlogHer. Like now I need to justify it. Also, I'm about to talk about things I love. No one paid me to, this is just good community building and trying to support the people and businesses I adore. I'm going to try to write something about local people/businesses I love here regularly. Since I'm trying to support more local myself, and I think this is a good way to learn about what is good in your area. Go social media!

This next Sunday I'm taking a class at Crafty Planet. If you're local, and you the slightest bit of craftiness in you, and you haven't been there, shame on you. Trish and Matt are just about the best people in the world, and they run a great shop. Way back when I started knitting, I visited a shall remain nameless yarn store on the West Bank. (rhymes with Feapth of Dield) Super judgmental to both my budget and sense of style. Crafty planet was the cure to that. They are fun, funky (the have cross stitch patterns that say Fuck You), and most of all, supportive. Because of them, I feel comfortable taking on just about anything, knowing I have the resources should I need them. They stock Sublime Stitchery embroidery patterns, Japanese fabric imports, great (and affordable) yarns, along with regular crafty tools.

The class I am taking is being taught by my all time favorite craft teacher. You see, at this point, I know enough to be dangerous, and a pain to a "by the book" teacher. Hell, I've always been that way to teachers. She (leaving out her name in case she wants it private) lets me not always follow the pattern, and gets my odd problem solving skills. The fact that she's teaching a class on how to make something I want, just made my day yesterday. Also, if you're a beginning knitter and most patterns give you the fits, try hers available at the link above. She is awesomness.


kristen said...

I heart Crafty Planet so much.

Also, I heart the teacher of the class you are taking. After all, she's responsible for me meeting my husband, aside from being an awesome teacher!

Fiona Picklebottom said...

There's a bruhaha? Let me pull my head out from under this rock for a moment...

yasmara said...

My goodness, what a small world the TC's are! Your favorite teacher is in my bookclub! We had a great time a couple of weeks ago discussing our book but also hearing about her plans for growing a small business.

Plus, she brought her 1 year old over (along with her husband, who's also in the book club) & my 2.5 year old thought it was very interesting having someone younger around (4 year old ignored the book club in favor of Finding Nemo).

tere said...

always thinking outside the box! It does feel good to have the support for one's creativity and unique perspective. Looking forward to seeing the fruits of this labor of love.
I also love the synchronicity of your fellow posters relationship to both crafty planet and the teacher. small connected world. Yeah.

darcie said...

I'm not crafy in the sewing dept - I'll leave that up to you...but I will look forward to other local favs of yours!

I can't get BlogHer to let me in - so I still use google ads on my site - like you - not paid for what I write...but one day - in a few years - I'll have made enough cash from my blog hits for a latte!!