Tuesday, June 9, 2009

This post brought to you by the letter P.

I'm very conflicted about posting about potty training, but since other blogger posts about their trials & tribulations have been a source of both amusement and assistance to me, here we go. I give you some snippets of recent happenings, bullet points style.

  • Despite being a regular small potty user at home, M experienced major big potty fears at daycare.
  • Last Thursday, I offered to hold her hand while she tried it. It worked. We have been off and running ever since then. That day, she used it all day long. Even going without prompting.
  • Including a 15 minute sit down with a favorite book. She is her father's daughter.
  • Friday was another good day, she stayed dry from before nap to bedtime.
  • Weekend of backsliding. Poop catchup was the major issue.
  • However, first public restroom use, so it was a wash. Had to go four times during dinner, I may never get to eat dinner again.
  • Monday, back at daycare. She's now taking herself without any help.
  • She's even removing her pull-up and going commando for unknown length of time.
  • At the suggestion of daycare, today we brought undies... and 10 pairs of leggings (only slightly exaggerating)
  • Instructions from momma. Pull-up for nap (she hated it), back in pull-ups if there is an accident. Still not convinced that she knows when she has to go.
  • Unfortunately confirmed she may not know. She was devastated about it though. Went to go before bus ride home, wet pull-up again. I am as confused about how ready she is as she is.
  • Tonight, working more on pooping. Got her to try big potty at home. Back and forth between two potties at least 50 times before Momma requested a timer to convince her to stay. No poop, but peed.
  • Tomorrow, a Zoo visit and day camp, pull-ups or undies? I am unsure. Perhaps there is a magic 8 ball for potty training

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darcie said...

It's really really hard to know when the little one, and when YOU as parents are ready. We bought the small potty chair but quickly realized that none of us wanted to use it - not even the 2 year old. Sure it was convenient for being at home - but being ANYWHERE else ie: Target, a Restaurant, the Zoo, a friend's house without one - it would be creating a problem - so we ditched the small chair and went right for the big one - It worked GREAT ~
My big things that helped us 1) We bought fancy princess undies that she LOOVED & when we'd leave the house we'd put those plastic pants on over the top of them - just in case 2) We didn't spend time sitting on the potty but we did go in and try every hour or so when we could and went WILD with praise every time we had a success 3) We stopped & tried to potty EVERYWHERE we were - no joke, we'd go to Target and we'd use their potty, we'd go to the zoo & even if she didn't say she had to - we'd take time out to go ~ I believe that saved us - she was then not afraid to stop & use the restroom because she realized right away that going to the bathroom didn't mean stopping all the fun.
The girl was just over 2 and our boy was just a year and 10 months!