Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day A

I'll admit that I don't always give A a fair shake. I feel like I do more household chores, that I deal with more potty breaks, more dirty diapers, and dammit all, I breastfed. However, when it gets right down to it, A does a damn good job. He's there, he's involved, and he makes M (and me) a priority. He takes time off from work for sick days, he goes to all of the school conferences (something I don't remember my dad doing) and eventually, he'll brave a trip outside the house with M alone, I just know it. (It is OK, potty training in public scares me too)

He doesn't like cards, so I didn't get him one. When I told him M and I were doing an art project for him, he was moderately afraid it would involve paper towel rolls and macaroni. So I was happy when he liked what we had made. He's always had a thing for stepping stones, and this is something we can take with us, even if we don't stay in this house. M has a great way of saying who she loves, in the third person. M loves Mama. M loves Tess. M loves Papa, and so do I.

Happy Father's day A!

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kristen said...

How sweet! Happy Father's Day A!