Thursday, June 18, 2009

At least the garden watching is good.

I do believe we are in for the duration, her fever flirted with 100 again today. If this is the piggy flu, I wish it would just develop fully on so we can get a clear picture of how much work I am going to miss. The long days with the whining sensitive child she when sick are eventually going to get old.

Cue the violets.

One of the new gnomes, riding a snail through the peppers.

The other new gnome, riding a tortoise through the arugula.
A future jalapeno pepper. It is one of many things producing flowers right now. I cannot wait for the fruit it will produce. I am beyond excited. I also had a small salad at lunch that came directly from the garden. Provided the weather doesn't batter it tonight, I will have more tomorrow.

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Sarah @ said...

Poor kiddo =( I hope she feels better soon!

Also, cool knomes. Am jealous.