Thursday, May 7, 2009

Putting on my running shoes.

You know, the really expensive ones that I bought.

I'm back on track with my Couch to 5K plan. Kristen (not this one, the local one) is pushing me to actually sign up for a 5K and I see her point, it makes excuses harder to make. I think I will bite the bullet some time in the next couple of weeks for something late summer. I'm not going all crazy and do one in six weeks when I know work is going to continue to be hard and July is HOT.

My training program will consist of two days of training with Kristen, one day of training alone. Those are "running" days. I am also going to be going biking with the family (provided the seat installation goes well) and maybe adding another day of walking with Kristen. That should get me up to at least four or five days a week. Better than the two to three I am stuck on now, not as good as seven the way a started out April.

It was nice to do seven, but my house started to get really messy. All of my free time exists after when M goes to sleep at 7. There just isn't any other time with the full time job. I can't get by on a hour or less of cleaning a night to get laundry, dishes, prep work for cooking, etc. done.

To help find the balance, I'm going to do the biking that includes M and A, and I'm learning to push my limits for what I do when M is awake. It won't be easy, but I am still committed to making that six months to a life change goal. Exercise will be come a regular part of my life. I'm even investigating joining a gym for the winter. Since I'll be driving instead of busing when it gets cold, I figure I can stay an extra half an hour downtown, or find somewhere I can go after M goes to bed. I doubt the 7 PM bed time will stay, so we'll see.

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