Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Bicycle! Bicycle! I want to ride my bicycle!

This last weekend my awesome plans to work on my Square Foot Garden (more about that later) were delayed slightly by a husband who wanted to get our bikes fixed back up so we could all go out. Since I've already made an investment in running/walking and other fitness, I wasn't so sure about it. However, any effort on his part to get in better shape is a good thing. Bicycling is good way for someone with a bad back to get going. Especially when he also has a bad ankle that makes running no longer an option.

So, we carted our bikes off the local norse bike shop, one at a time, since I didn't feel like getting our the scratchy rack for this. The damage wasn't too bad for my bike, it has been barely ridden and tuned right before it was forgotten about. It just needs tires, 10 years is a lot to ask of them. A wasn't nearly so lucky. His requires a lot more work and will be done Thursday. No worries though, we had thought it would be over a week.

We also looked into bike seats to M. I would go for the safer option of a trailer, but if I want to commute with her, a seat is my best bet. Her silly height (still waiting for it to slow down) negated my first choice, the iBert (I also think I would have mounting issues). We settled on what looks like the tallest one available. She may have to bend her knees. (I am a bit jealous that she will have suspension and I won't) I'm really hoping she likes it, since it means we could bike to work some days. Good exercise, and fun for her. Extra nice, there was a sale at REI (that membership has paid for itself I don't know how many times over), so we got it from there. Not so nice, I need to install it myself. I emailed pictures to a bike riding friend from work, and says the rack will fit, but it may be this weekend before we know for sure. By then we'll have A's bike back, and we may be able to go out as a family. I'll take pictures when it is all setup and give an honest review of tall kid in back of bike seat.

If this goes well, and we keep it up, I'll get a receiver hitch and a proper rack for my Hyundai. Yes, I realize a trailer hitch on a small Korean car seems odd, but for regular family exercise, I'll do it.

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