Friday, May 8, 2009

Minneapolis, you fail

Minneapolis, you have let me down. Letting a concert, with very adult music, and very adult decibel levels, happen right by multiple daycare's, is not OK. Especially at 4 on a Friday afternoon. That is still daytime enough to make it inappropriate.

If we had been taking the bus today (of course, I drove, it didn't rain), we would have had no choice but to walk right by it, or walk at least six very unsafe large city blocks out of the way. There is no way we would have made it to the bus on time.

I certainly hope that none of my tax dollars went to the traffic cops, the officers patrolling the concert, or well, any of it. In fact, I hope you made a sweet sum off of it. Could you apply that to the potholes on my street?

I swear, I'm not an old stiff, I just like choice to be exposed to that kind of stuff. It shouldn't be where it was, when it was, plain and simple.

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