Saturday, May 9, 2009

Dear Mom,

So mom, what is the going rate for dandelions? I swear I got at least an inch of stem on all of them. Some of them were HUGE too.

There were what, 1 cent per dandelion 22 years ago? With inflation that should be 2 cents, plus now I'm much better at getting them up, so maybe 5 cents each?

I figure that I'm up to at least 5 bucks. That sure is a lot of Lemonheads at the M & H.


A. Sprout

PS. Happy Mother's day. I really appreciate everything you did when we were growing up. Even the dandelion thing.


tere said...

I'm not sure what the rate is. Now that is up to you cause you're the MOM now. All I know is what ever the price it is cheaper than the effects of the poisons.
How about the joy of being out there. what's that worth? more power to you and I love being your mom and M's grandma tere. It's worth lots and lots Thanks for the privilege of learning with you.

PS I walked at graduation today..Awesome ceremony. thanks for the support you have offered during this process too....
tere mom

Rebecca said...

I love this post and the comment above. I don't know the whole story, but I know enough to love it!

kristen said...

You (or M if you want to start putting her in business) could make a fortune on my lawn. Dandelions everywhere...

Congratulations Tere!!!

And, of course, Happy (day-after) Mother's Day.