Sunday, May 10, 2009


When I was pregnant, I was huge. Not only had I not cared terribly much about what I ate (I was happy to find anything that sounded good for awhile), but then I had the edema leading up to my pre-e. One of the few things I found that fit me was mens XXL t-shirts. I went to Old Navy and bought a bunch of them and wore them the last couple of months. They covered my belly better than any maternity clothes ever did because of my height.

Afterward, even after you know, giving birth, they still fit. They fit well enough that I continued to wear them for around the house and occasionally on the weekends. Especially the black ones (because you can NEVER have too many black t-shirts).

This morning, before heading out for a casual day, I put one on again. I didn't think much of it, because they've always fit. I even wore it out of the house. When it came time to actually go in somewhere, I made A drive to Target for a quick shopping trip. It was HUGE on me. I've sort of been in denial about my shrinking size.

I'm still weighing around 235, but now I can shop outside of the plus size section some places. There are only a handful of size 20 pants that still fit me. Even my fitness level and stamina shocks me. I find I am having a hard time accepting and accounting for how good I'm feeling. I keep expecting to not be able to do it. Finding confidence in myself has never been easy, but I never expected it to come up in ways like this.

Um, go me?

PS. Went for a bike ride with the newly installed seat this weekend. It was amazing. I went farther and went faster (even with 40 pounds of extra gear/kid) than I originally thought I could. We will definitely be going out more, and I may start bike commuting.


Mugsy said...

Yeah for you! Feel good about all the good work you are doing for yourself!

Marketing Mama said...

GREAT news! You should plan a bonfire for all those huge t-shirts. Congratulations - you are an inspiration! :)

kristen said...

Go you, indeed!

darcie said...

That is AWESOME! Way to go!

Jill said...

Yay, you!!!

Sarah @ said...

That's great news! It must be nice to see and feel progress even when it doesn't always show in the numbers =) Keep it up; I know you can do this and this post is just further evidence!

Also, I'm so glad you mentioned that the biking went well. I love biking, but I've worried that it wouldn't be as enjoyable with the baby. That little blurb really brightened my spirits about it =)

tere said...

You Go Girl!!!!
I've been thinking of the bike commute too let me know how you decide.
Do the buses have bike racks? just in case. I have a friend who would bus to work and ride home.

Christina said...

That's great! Even if you're not losing as much weight as you'd like, it has to feel good to fit into smaller clothing.

I admire you dusting off the bike - I haven't been on a bike in forever, and would likely kill myself.