Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Winning is so sweet sometimes

Just a random little update.

While out getting M's summer clothes (all of the summer clothes are already picked over and on sale, by the time it gets warm here, there will be school clothes), I decided to take part of the gift cards I had to get myself something, maybe a t-shirt or something, from a regular* sized store.

I wanted to go and see what they had, I figured it would be a good encouragement. I figured I could look at work pants some more.

I tried on the size 20's and they were TOO BIG! Like, really too big. I nearly cried and all of the silly little sales girls totally didn't get it. I'm sure all they see is fat and sagging skin, but I see a huge improvement. I ended up getting some summer pants with my gift cards. Next time I need to go there, it will be for a smaller size. Woo! I am so happy.

I celebrated by going out for a HUGE walk. My back is pretty sore now, but I feel great knowing it is all working.

*This particular store does end sizes online and at their outlet. I went to an outlet knowing that they would have the best chance of something that would fit.


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I'm so excited for you! I think trying on clothes that end up being TOO BIG is one of the best feelings in the whole world. And it's a bonus when it happens because you're working very hard at it.

You should be wicked proud of yourself, Ms. Sprout!

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