Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A deep sadness

As I've become a part of this blogging world, there have been writers who have touched me, who have made me want to keep cheering them on, keep rooting for them. The ones that touch me the most are of babies, and moms, and dad's who have come through so much. I know the blessing I was given, that M wasn't born prematurely. That my pre-eclampsia held out until 37 weeks, that her delivery was relatively uneventful, and that she only stayed in the hospital a day longer than I did.

One of the two who have touched me the most was Heather of The Spohrs Are Multiplying . I rooted for Maddie. I looked forward to seeing her grow up and thrive. I was intoxicated by her smiles. I wasn't expecting to hear the new this morning that she had passed away last night. It hit me like a freight train. I nearly left work just to go hug M.

Instead I finally did my registration for the Walk for Babies myself. (I swear I'm not a stalker, Alexa) I figure that along with my own donation, trying to raise some more money for them is the best thing I can do. This shouldn't happen. Babies shouldn't die before they even get to have a life. Before second birthdays, and kindergarten. Before first kisses, first drives alone in the car, and first trips away from home alone.

My heart goes out to Heather and her husband, and their whole family. She was an inspirational little girl. I am so sorry for their loss.


Heather's donation page is here.

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Syl (previously known as Shib) said...

That's the seocnd baby I have heard of passing away within the last month. It's very sad. I think a parent's worst fear is outliving their kids but it's infinite times worse when the baby is a baby.