Monday, April 6, 2009

So that explains the burning feeling

Over at the most awesome shredheads, they're taking sides for the month of April. I've been trying to figure out who's side to be one while waiting on my asthma testing (it was today, more on that later). I love Jillian, but I think I could love Bob too. So far, I've been doing neither. I've been trying to get out and go for walks. I realized that with it staying lighter out at night, I had no excuses. Especially since it would help me with some lingering winter blues.

Before I tell you my decision, a review of March.

I shredded 13 times, all on level 1. I was going to graduate to level 2, but after Comcast puked out the last time, I ended up with only level 1's. Oh well, I'll do level 2 eventually.

Starting top down:

My arms are more toned, my stretch marks on my arms are less visible, and holding my daughter for an extended period of time is not nearly as big of a deal as it was starting to get to be. I started doing punches with my three pound weights, but that was about all I used them for. I could have gone up to 7 or 10 pounders for some of the exercises.

Ab progress is hard to see when you're 100 pounds overweight. However, they feel strong, and the skin there is flabbier. Good sign. I started with pretty half assed reverse crunches (pun intended) and by the end, I could do some bicycle ones. The extra tummy I have makes some of them hard to do, but by the end, they were easier for sure. I may try to do crunches ever morning even if I'm walking.

My legs pretty much kick ass now. They always were my strongest body part, and they continue to be so. The first few squats were hard, but I'm back to being able to do big ones. I bet I could put up a reasonable amount of weight if I were in a gym. Not sure what exercise did it, or if it was overall progress, but my thighs aren't nearly so friendly anymore. Sure, they'll always be pals no matter what I weight, but now they're at least not making out constantly.

I only ultimately lost around 4-5 pounds, but what it did for my stamina was great. However, I still can't do intense cardio for very long at all. At least now I know why.

I have asthma! And some serious nasal allergies that pretty much are hurting my ability to breathe. Best part, the tree pollen is coming, and guess what I'm really allergic to! I've got meds to start right away, I've got an inhaler that should make my plans to run more of a reality, and I've got a reason for feeling so crappy.

You see, after a bit, the more I exercised, the more just zonked I was. I started getting pretty depressed. Here I was doing something that was supposed to help, and it made me feel like shit. I didn't say much about it because people were so encouraging. I did keep up with my at least three times a week thing, but I made this appointment, and hoped I wasn't nuts.

So, for April I'm picking the Bob side, but I can't find the Yoga DVD anywhere. I've got a couple more places to check, then I'm ordering it. Until then, maybe I'll shred (but don't tell Bob), but mostly I'm going to take my meds until they start making an impact, and keep up walking. Since it is walking, I'm going to go for four times a week. The weather is getting nice, so it should be even more fun.


Christina said...

Ooh, asthma and allergies are a killer. I have allergies, but not for a few more months. However, I've noticed I don't have the lung support I thought I did for cardio. It'll take a while to build that up. Hopefully the meds will help you feel better while exercising.

You still had some great progress, though! Any change for the better is a good one, right?

Oh, and try Target for the DVD. I saw it at ours recently. If it's not in the DVD section, look around the fitness aisles - ours has a Biggest Loser display at the end of one aisle with equipment and DVDs. If not, Amazon usually has it.

Sarah @ said...

Ooh, I hope the meds work for you, asthma and allergies are a nasty mix.

Well, they're nasty alone, too, but you know what I mean.

Keep up the good work! I love seeing the progress updates in your sidebar and I know that even when the going seems tough, you can do this!