Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Very nearly two.

For the last few months when someone asks me how old M is, I say almost two. When they look like they don't believe me I say, but she's very tall. It is hard to try to explain to people why you're kid who is taller than the three year old's in her class is still two months away from turning two (as of tomorrow). Why she isn't acting like she looks isn't always easy to explain.

To me though, even though she is more than half my height (which means I'll like look up to her one day), I continue to be amazed at how much she's changed from my snuggly little bean. Since she moved up rooms at school, she's changed so much.

She asks for what she wants to eat. She can put on her shoes (even on the right feet sometimes). She can pull her pants on and off (not quite to potty yet). She asks questions, talks in sentences, and is developing a wicked sense of humor. She talks in funny voices to get a laugh, makes funny faces to get a laugh, and while she hates getting her hair rinsed, she loves splashing in the tub. It cracks her up endlessly.

She used to eat and eat and eat and ask for more. She would eat enough that it shocked my dad, and I worried about our ability to feed her as she grew. Now she doesn't eat as much, fights what we put in front of her, and I'm OK with it. I make sure she eats the stuff with the most nutritious bang (veggies, legumes, fruits), and let it go. I'm trying to make sure I'm not the "cafe" mom. I know she's a thriving kid, and eating less than she has won't hurt her.

I feel like I'm really starting to get a feel for what kind of a kid she's going to be. More than just a baby or a toddler. The best part is, I really like her. I hope she likes me too.

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tere said...

She does!!! she loves her Mama. Like your Mama loves you!!