Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I'm having a hard time coming up with a coherent post, so instead I am just going to list off all of the things that are keeping me from making meaningful post.


I am moderately obsessed with the arrival of my new niece. Depending on how you look at it, my SIL is either a week overdue, or about to be a week overdue (conflicting due dates). Either way, the kid needs to show up so I can get a baby fix.

I am a little OK with the kid being late, since the longer they wait the greater the chances I will see them soon. We are getting healthier by the day around here.

My checking for updates involves the Internet, which is funny because we will likely find out by phone call first.


Work has been rough, and yesterday I saw M in the morning, but she was well asleep by the time I got home. She's also been all about the daddy lately, and with not seeing her, it has been hard on me. All was made up when I picked her up from daycare today (awesome coworkers took on a little of my work so I could see her) and she ran to me, hugged me multiple times, and insisted on kisses. I have had to drag her out of there a lot lately. Play-Doh is better than mommy (and Papa) apparently.


It was silly warm her today, and while I love winter and cold and snow, I'm officially done now. It shouldn't have warmed up this early. Now I have cabin fever.


For Valentine's day, I think we are going to a romantic brunch (with the kid, so well, not so romantic) at neighborhood restaurant Sauced. They do brunch now!!! Look at the Irish Toast and tell me that wasn't a super idea to go there. If you are local, you need to go there and support them so I don't lose the best thing in my hood.

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April said...

oh, your valentine's brunch sounds fantastic!