Thursday, January 1, 2009

One cute win for baby signing

M has been signing since she was around one. We started with more and all done to help with meal time. At the new daycare they really work the signing and she has picked up a bunch more signs like please, thank you, apple, banana and cracker. Not as much as some kids I know, but it has definitely helped while her speech caught back up. It has also lead to some interesting uses of the signs. She makes her dad's sign "more" when she wants him to bounce her on his lap. (like many fathers he is the human jungle gym) She signs "banana" when we talk about her Nana (my MIL).

Today however she showed off what she knows, it what may be the sweetest way possible. She brought her baby over to me and requested I read her a book. I read to her a little and then M wanted to take over. She made the baby sign "more", then made her sign "please" and then read the baby the book. Pointing out everything in it that she knows. Mouse, puppy, truck, banana, car, ambulance... She even made the baby turn the pages (something we've been having her do for a long time).

The baby in her room reading later in the evening.


April said...

very sweet :-)

ChefDruck said...

I'm always amazed by the power of signing. I wish I had done it with my kids. Good for you for really embracing it!