Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Yay! New Year!

I would stay up late and do this right, but my daughter still went to bed at 7 and will still be up some time around 6 AM or so.

Yeah, I'm lame. I also didn't have a babysitter so while I would really like to be partaking of Iron Bartender with friends this year, I am at home, in half of my jammies.

So, I'm off to bed so tomorrow I can get up, go grocery shopping, and try to catch up on my house work. Um... yay?

Happy New Year! May the next one be so so much better than the last, cause 2008 sucked for so many people I know.

PS. If you totally all of a sudden had a little bit more money, money you were supposed to mostly spend on yourself, what DSLR camera would you get?


Rebecca said...

I don't think you were the only mama home in your jammies on New Year's Eve! I was doing the same, and my husband and I talked at about 9pm how we'd be getting up at 5:08 am with our son whether it was New Year's morning or not, so we should probably tuck in early.

Looking forward to seeing the responses on the camera question...

Marketing Mama said...

Today Martha Stewart had a show on blogging. She said she uses the Canon Power Shot G9 and gave out a few to people starting up new blogs.

And this blogger's hubby picked out a different style of Canon for her x-mas gift:

And while I'm at it: Dooce uses a Canon 5D. And the Pioneer Woman uses a Nikon D2X and blogs all about it here:

Anonymous said...

I have a Nikon D40 and I love it. It's the "baby" of the DSLRs that Nikon offers, but it takes fantastic photos. I would buy another one in a heartbeat.

Shib said...

We have a Nikon D80 and my husband who does some wedding photography loves it.