Friday, January 2, 2009

Look, a rainbow threw up in her room

We live in an old house. (60+ years) and like many old houses, it has no insulation. That means that while we have new windows, we are constantly fighting the cold. Add to that a love of keeping our money, an old gravity furnace that wasn't designed to heat this many rooms, and you have well, a cold old house.

Which is fine when you're newlyweds and you're happy to snuggle together under blankets and invest in down slippers. When you're married with a skinny little toddler with no body fat to keep her warm and love of running around without socks it isn't nearly so much fun.

We got M some slippers she likes wearing (bear feet, ha!), and we keep her in sweaters, but we've wanted her room to be more cozy so she'll play in it more. With the addition of her new kitchen, it really drove home that we needed to do something. So, while roaming the isles of Target yesterday, I found these. On clearance (yay!). I snagged what I could, then hunted down more at another store (which actually cost me more because of some odd thing about "different markets" 10 miles apart).

They aren't a perfect match to her decor, but we noticed the temp in her room seemed to go up. We finally removed the glider, giving her more space. We created a little reading nook by her bookcase and moved all of her books to lower shelves so she can get them out (and put them away). We custom cut some of the tiles to make everything fit, and put her other rug back down to help make it easier to get the doll stroller over the edge. It is well... bright! However, it is warm, and she loves it. Really, that is all that matters. Right?


April said...

it's cute :-) looks a lot like an ikea commercial!

Amelia Sprout said...

OMG, it does... Well, at least it would be truthful. Except the crib and the new floor mats, nearly everything in there is from Ikea. I lurve Ikea.

Rebecca said...

Who cares that it doesn't match! It looks great, and I bet it feels wonderful.

Newt said...

It looks like a Dr. Seuss book threw up in her room, which is way cooler. :)

Glad you have a warm toddler!