Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The anti resolutions

I suck at resolutions. They are rules. While I have no problem following rules that make sense to me, I have been known to ignore/bend ones that just aren't fair.

So, this year I'm trying minor behavior modification. Mostly related to losing weight and getting healthier. I've made an appointment to see my endocrinologist in late January (earliest I could get in) to figure out why I look like a pre-op transsexual. I'm also working on losing weight, still. Seeing as last year I sucked at it. (though I am at pre-baby weight, just barely)

I think the problem with my weight is that I have 90 pounds to lose to get to a healthy BMI. No really, my BMI is 38. I look at that 90 pounds and I freak out. It seems impossible. So instead of that, I'm trying to get under 200. Roughly half of what I need to lose. That should be enough for me to consider thinking about having another munchkin. It would improve my well being a lot.

Since we know I suck at rules, instead I'm trying a different approach. One that has actually worked for me before. I'm starting by trying to change a few bad habits every month. This month I have four or so. I get these to be habbits again, and build from there.

No soda (pop for you Minnesotans) That means diet too, since that is a slippery slope and it tastes nasty anyways.

Next to no fried food. I will make exceptions for the occasional samosa, but no french fries, potato ole's, etc.

Sugary coffee only on weekends, and weekdays, less overall. I'm cutting back from an iced venti sugary flavored latte with less ice (and thus more milk) to a venti nonfat no foam latte with a splenda and a raw sugar. Weekends when I make lattes at home, I'll still have something sweet, but I see that changing eventually too.

Eat breakfast and eat out less overall. Lite yogurt, frozen raspberries, and a little granola all doable at the office. For lunches, I need to pack my own (and A's) and eat out only once per week. At night, more cooking at home (and thus more leftovers for lunches)

If this all works out, next month I tackle more about what we eat at home. I finally have a clean kitchen again, and if I keep it that way, I can start cooking better stuff at home. I also need to figure out how to best use my Costco membership. A has also volunteered to help with cooking, so we'll see what comes of all of that. You will notice that exercise is nowhere on there. Not that I don't know that I need to, but because it is freaking cold here. Start with food habits first, then move on to physical activity when it isn't minus twenty.


Birdie said...

You go, girl! I need to be thinking along the same lines...

ShoNuff said...

I walk the skyway during breaks, I think you are attached to it so that might work for you?

Christina said...

I think you've got a good plan in place. It's very reasonable, making a few changes at a time.

Of course, I ordered Jillian Michael's 30-Day Shred last night. Clearly I don't understand starting slowly. I'll either keep with it (unlikely unless Aaron motivates me) or kill myself on the first try.

Rebecca said...

Good luck! Keep us updated.