Friday, January 16, 2009

Moving on up!

This last Wednesday in the middle of my big project at work, I got a call from M's daycare. The number popped up on the caller ID and I got a sick feeling in my stomach. There was no way that I could leave work to deal with her, my husband would have to be called. She was supposed to be napping, so it wouldn't be good.

I couldn't have been more wrong. The center director called me about if we were OK with M moving up to older toddlers a month early. She was already penciled in for March, a month before she turns two. However the boys that were set to go before here aren't quite ready yet and she has been really growing lately. She is talking and communicating so well. She understands so much and surprises me all the time with the things that she says. More than anything, she stands out from her classmates. Her teacher thinks that her pushing her boundaries is more about her being bored and needing more of a challenge.

I'm so very excited, but I have a little concern. With the new room comes being around the terror twins again. We've been running late since it is cold, and showing up around the same as them. While I could never know for sure, I think they are the ones that bit M. The ones who's parents ignored their kids hitting other kids right in front of them. The girl just this morning tried to grab M's brush out of her hand right in front of me. (we were putting in her pigtails) When that didn't work, she went after another kid's breakfast. I just hope M is old enough and verbal enough now to say no. I don't want her hitting back or anything, but I also want her to stand up for herself.

We shall see, one way or another, I'm saving 20 bucks a week. (which is about what she's been adding to the grocery bill with her recent growth spurt)


April said...

yay for good news :-)

hope she does well!

Rebecca said...

I usually respond with mixed emotions to these kinds of moves, too. It's great that they are developing enough to move, and the cheaper bill is nice. But I'm always sad at how fast they really grow up!