Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sweaters big and small

Ok, so April asked about knitting and since I have been tackling something I never thought I would, I thought I would share. However, if you are my SIL and want a surprise, stop reading.

I have a new niece due in three or so weeks, so I thought I would tackle another baby sweater. I made her big sister a quilt, but that seemed a little aggressive with my own toddler to deal with. This is my second truly successful sweater. The first was for a coworker. I figured if I brought it in half made to her shower I would have to finish it. It worked, and it was easier than I thought. I only wish I had been brave enough to make some for M when she was little.

One for the new baby, and one for her sister's baby doll. Except that one I think will be too small, so I made another. That one fits M's baby doll (slightly smaller than her cousins). I used the Knitting Pure & Simple free sweater pattern with some slight modifications for the buttons. For the little one, I took the same basic pattern and halved one of the larger sizes. I've liked her free pattern enough to actually purchase some other ones, including a couple in M's size. I may be crazy, she's bigger than 6 months.

The knitting is hard on my wrists, and my cyst isn't getting smaller, but the therapy of it all has been worth it. Just see the happy customer above.


Anonymous said...

say our friend K was having a similar issue with her wrists. She is trying knitting the European way, not throwing the yarn over the needle. Might give it a try. tere

April said...

those are fantastic! i wish i had your talent!!!

sorry about your wrists, though :-/ my fingers start to get all cranky when i crochet for too long.

and thanks for the shout-out :-D

kristine said...

Those sweaters are absolutely ADORABLE!! You've got talent!

Marketing Mama said...

I am SOooooo impressed! So beautiful and the color is gorgeous!