Sunday, January 18, 2009

Starting the addicts young

Normally on the weekends we make lattes at home with a stove top Turkish style coffee maker and a milk steamer. It makes for a smooth cup of coffee and a great latte. Best part is, they come out just the way I want, and I make perfect foam.

Since M isn't much of a milk drinker at home (though she is OK at daycare), we started making her "special milk" when we drink our lattes. I steam up some whole milk and add just a tiny bit of flavoring or honey to it. She drinks it with a straw, feels like she gets to participate, and I get some milk in her*.

This weekend we ran out of coffee, so instead of just going to get coffee to make at home, we treated to some store bought lattes. Unfortunately I forgot to order a steamed milk for M. So when I was done with my latte I rinsed out my cup and put some warm milk in it for her. I think I may have to get a couple of cups from my local coffee place for her to use on the weekends.

* I make sure she gets other dairy products at home, and she eats green veggies like a champ (spinach and broccoli being her favorites) so I don't worry too much about her calcium intake. I wasn't a milk drinker either, so I try not to push too much. It is hard however in such a dairy centered culture to have a kid who doesn't like milk.


April said...

i would trade my child's milk addiction for veggies ANY DAY!

Marketing Mama said...

that's really cute... and creative!