Thursday, December 11, 2008

Open Letters

Dear Shutterfly,

I adore that you offer print at Target as an option. I especially love that last year I was able to print my holiday cards there. Sure I never sent them, but who's counting that. However this year that wasn't an option no matter how hard I tried. Franky, not amused.

Dear Target,

What's up with not having the easy printing of holidays cards from Shutterfly. Not sure who is to blame here, but I am not liking it. Sure I could go into your store and actually pick out and assemble a card design and have it printed. However, I am busy, and I like the use of an actual mouse for cropping and editing as opposed to the silly track ball thingy. I still managed to print something, but it was not what I originally intended. Not so sure I liked that it required buying actual cards from you to get what I wanted.

Dear darling Picnik,

You are my new BFF. You have collages, you never mess with my emotions about printing. My only request, please make your collage layouts come in standard photo sizes. It didn't quite fit perfectly and I had to crop out the cute border I had put on. Also adore that you have direct interface with Flickr now. Mrrrow!

Dear friends and family,

Umm, sorry about no Christmas cards since M was born. I promise this year I'll try harder. It is just that I don't mail much of anything. However there is a post office by M's daycare and I'm going to make more effort this year. You may get them for New Years however. (or you can check the private family blog and see what I post there)

Oh, and if any of you want to comment about how A and I aren't in the picture, I'm shoving my bearded lady face at you and asking if you really want to remember it forever.



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ChefDruck said...

Hilarious. My cards are sitting in a box on my counter and I'm terrified that I'll be licking and wrapping at the same time on Christmas eve...

Did you see that I'm giving away $100 of Magnet Street Holiday cards at Chefdruck Reviews? It's a quick turnaround and I don't have many entries...

Thanks for the See Kai Run suggestion - I will check them out (with Bella of course) - we'll see if they make the double cut!