Monday, December 8, 2008

Who could it be... could it be Santa?

When I was little, I sort of believed in Santa, but I never hung on to it for that long (I think, maybe mom can correct me). By the time I was older, I firmly believed in the spirit of Santa Claus. I got into it enough that I filled the stockings, and when I lived out east and made good money, I still enjoyed do extra "Santa" work.

With M, so far, I'm just not feeling it. Maybe it is because I realize that she won't really remember this holiday season, or because she's reached the point where stranger anxiety hits extra hard, but I don't feel the need to push her into the man in the red suit. I agonized over what we should do about taking her to see Santa this year. After all, are the crowds really worth it?

Thankfully for us, daycare brings in Santa for the kids. A really really good Santa with a real beard and an amazing calmness about him. It was great, and a steal at the three buck "field trip" fee. Especially since M screamed the entire time we were anywhere near him. I thought the issues with getting her to stand next to her cousin who is barely taller than she is were bad, try a six foot tall jolly old elf...

Maybe next year...

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Christina said...

Cordy always hated Santa. Last year we couldn't even get her near him. She says she wants to see him this year, but she also wanted to see him last year, so we'll see if she can work up her courage.

Mira, I'm sure, won't go near him.