Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Not So Wordless

I had considered posting my healthy lunch for WW, but then reconsidered it.

Instead, here are my issues. I think I have three issues, foodwise, that create problems for me.

Portion control - You know, I should be eating four ounces of steak, but 8 or more is usually how it ends up. Not to mention, my love affair with all things potato. This is a tricky one. Drastically reduce your portion sizes without paying attention to what you eat, and you end up always feeling unsatisfied.

Snacks - I want something, mindless kind of eating. Especially since I do it while doing something else. Often, I just eat because I'm bored.

Emotional eating - This is where all of the chocolate falls. The, I've had a bad day, I deserve the girl scout cookies or nobody loves me, I think I'll have a cookie.

Here is how I'm going to deal with things.

1. Eat slower. Put the fork down in between bites, don't shovel. This should make it easier to tell when I'm actually full, and I won't mindlessly eat or go for larger portions. This goes for snacks too. Sometimes, I'm going to want them, but I need to be more intentional about it.

2. Make better choices. No more soda, no more fried foods (ok, except the State Fair), snacks are veggies. Keep fresh stuff in the house. Radishes, refridgerator pickles, rice cakes, you know, crunchy stuff. Maybe even try fresh fruit around for when I need the sweet.

3. Improve my mood. I may not go for the drugs just yet, so I'm starting with craftiness (how do y'all feel about a regular sock monkey give away?) Things to keep my hands busy, and keep my mind focused.

4. Be honest. If I want something, really want it, I need to be willing to tell the world (or my six readers) about it.

Speaking of honesty. I had 8 Thin Mints left, I ate two and gave the rest away. We had Chinese Buffet for dinner since its hot and I didn't want to cook, but I only had one fried item, and half a plate of baby bok choi. Otherwise, it was a good day and tomorrow is Farmer's Market.

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