Thursday, July 10, 2008

Dude, isn't this a mommy blog?

Oh... right... yeah... that.

Ok, so enough wallowing in my own fat ass, time to move on to some totally mommy bloggy things.

M is walking! (oh yeah, time for the happy dance. cha-cha-cha-cha-CHA!) Last Sunday, I was laying on her floor, letting myself have toys dropped on me, and just enjoying a lazy morning (at the late hour of 7 AM) when she walks past me. Not crawls, not cruises, walks! Later that day, her dad leaves the kitchen to go do something, and she just followed him, down the hall, in to the office. (I had to scream for him to turn around)

Since then, there have been a few tired crawls, and getting used to being in shoes (have to have them for toddler room at new daycare, better get used to them now), but she's walking. No matter what, no matter how many times she falls down, she gets back up and walks. We actually could have made the start date at new daycare next Monday, but I'm glad I bought us the two extra weeks to work on open cup drinking (at 15 months, yeah, I know).

To celebrate, and since its been so damn hot, I've been dressing her like a girl, in skirts and stuff. Grandma would be so proud of me.

This weekend we're going to the Dragon Festival in St. Paul. It will be our first test of her walking out in, you know, public. I dare say it, but I may need to investigate leashes. She is not good at following directions yet.

PS, yeah, not a good day for the good eating. A had an appointment and needed to leave during the dinner hour, which left me to snack while I fed M. NOT GOOD. At all.

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Jill said...

You know, I believe leashes definitely have a place and fill an need. I would use one on our eldest when she could walk, and didn't want to stay in a stroller the whole time, and wasn't reliable at staying close by when we were out in public. I could not have taken her through an airport on my own without one, I'll tell you that!

So yeah, bringing her to a festival, if you don't want to keep her confined to the stroller or baby backpack the whole time, a leash may be the way to go. They take a little getting used to for the kid, but it does help with peace of mind and safety.

In fact, maybe I should be looking for it for the younger one soon...