Friday, July 11, 2008

Haiku Friday - Bjorka, Sporka

one two three four tines
jab stick impale poke spear fork
insert nummy food

One of the great mysteries of parenting, along with potty training, has always been transitioning from hi, I'm a baby and you must do all the work, to functional adult who can use a knife, fork and spoon properly. We did breastfeeding, bottle feeding (EBM), cereal (oatmeal), purees, and then graduated to feeding herself mushy veggies and meat. What I hadn't figured out was how you get from that, to anything else. She started to clue me in a few weeks ago, when instead of trying shove everything in her mouth at once, she actually started taking bites. As well, while working on trying to figure out what she could do in prep for new daycare, we figured out she could use a spoon. (the girl will not be forced into anything and most things are discovered only when she is ready) Ok, that is all well and good, nothing dangerous in silicon spoons. (yeah, in case you were wondering, head to toe in yogurt, every day since)

Forks have still alluded me. Until this week. (its a big week for development around here) A couple of days ago, I was fighting her about eating her veggies, as I have since her week on the BRAT diet to get rid of a stomach bug. I finally gave up, and just fed her some of my veggies off of my fork. She loved it. Same food from her tray, off my fork. So, I pulled out one of the cute IKEA forks, and started spearing her food and feeding it to her. It worked. I thought it would go on like this, the novelty of it all, until she started refusing veggies again. I was wrong. While getting her some fruit (she can't see it until she is has finished everything or there is trouble), and she started spearing things on her own. Turns out she digs the fork. She's even pretty good with it. Huh, maybe potty training won't be so bad.

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CrackerJacks said...

Transitions are so hard on both the kid and parent! My 2 year old still likes her hands better than her utensils. I say to her, use your fork.

"No, I use my hands!"

Okay, girl whatever gets you to eat that.


maggies mind said...

Hahaha, cute haiku. Transitions are, um, transitional. :)

Karen of Sillymonkeez said...

I totally think that a fork is much easier for toddlers to use than a spoon. Way to go both of you!!!

Fiona Picklebottom said...

Mine digs the fork, too. Actually she wants EVERYONE'S FORKS. Hers is not enough, the rest of us must go forkless in order for her to be happy.

I got my prize today! Thank you! Thank you! It is great! The sock monkey is ADORABLE as is the banana. And I love the ball (as do the kids who are currently tossing it around the living room) and can't wait to try the honey. I'll be posting my next contest with pics of the prizes I received next week!

Steph said...

Im super impressed. Our 5 year old still has fork troubles. I hope potty training goes smoothly!

Mom24 said...

So cute! They do like to keep us guessing, don't they? You, in my opinion, have stumbled on the key to successful potty training though. Let her show you she's ready. It really does make all the difference in the world. Good luck, we all need it.