Saturday, July 5, 2008


Ok, so a couple of weeks ago A and I were in Uptown with M for him to get an eye exam, so he could get this cool new pair of glasses. (last cool pair were, we realized, six years old, and while still cool, very worn) M and I went looking for some shoes for her (neverending quest to get her walking before new daycare deadline), and after A was done, I wanted to checkout the new AA store. Since we became boring home owners on the north side, we don't get to Uptown as much as when you know, we lived there.

I wanted to see their stuff in person before I considered buying anything online, and A was being dragged. Then, over in the kids corner, we saw it. Now, just so you know, AA is known for very revealing and sexy ads. No worse than say, that other underwear store, but they have underwear shots with no tops, just cup and hope (or see the nipple through the see through stuff) Whatever, it is annoying but not a big deal.

So, yeah, it. In the large blown up photo right next to the kiddos section, there was a picture of a woman, partial boob exposed, with a very visible scar that was consistent with a breast enhancement. Boobs, expecting, visible scar, not expecting. A and I have come up with a list of ten reasons for the scar being visible.

A - They don't care.
B - Their ad budget is so low they can't afford the touch ups.
C - Boob jobs are cool
D - You're sexy just the way you are, even with your boob job scar.
E - Breast reduction is cool
F - Boob job scars are edgy and sophisticated
G - Visible boob job scars are edgy and angsty
H - Reconstructive surgery after mastectomy can still mean you're sexy
I - Bigger is better
J - You should get a boob job if you want to look good in our clothes

So, all you readers who are back to see if you won anything, what do you think? Did I miss a possible reason?

(yeah, so want to see what search engines do with me now)

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