Friday, June 20, 2008

Savvy, savvy, savvy

I never did do a proper post here announcing that cool new gig, but that was mostly since I created this for the public me, I figured no one would care. However, I'm in awe of of the other people writing for Savvy, so you should go read them, now. Here is a sampling

Backpacking Dad
- I think the way I figured it, his daughter is almost exactly the same age as M. So now I don't feel so bad that we're on the young side of the toddler world.

A Mommy Story - First boyfriend's wife and the City Expert for Columbus, this whole thing is her fault.

Mike Adamick - You may have read him on or heard him on NPR. (told you I was in good company) He's another stay at home dad, and he sews! (and you know that's sexy)

I'll keep mentioning them here as I read more, and continue to do a little more Wayne and Garth I am not worthy. In the mean time, go read and enjoy.

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Backpacking Dad said...

Erin is 14 months old. I'm all "gear the posts to 2-6 year olds? What the hell do I know about 2-6 year olds?"