Saturday, June 21, 2008

I am not a nice person

Or at least I'm sure that is what two women in uptown think of me. I have a problem. I have to tell people when they screw up. It means I don't fit in around here. I tell the barista at S*bucks that they screwed up my drink. (that annoys everyone, but christ, five bucks, you better damn get it right) I try to be constructive, but apparently I'm just a bitch (according to my brother) Today however, I did something that made even me a little uncomfortable.

I told someone that they parked in two spots. In a relatively empty parking ramp. Because it just annoys me that much. It is rude. It is inconsiderate. It is completely preventable. I guess you could say that my saying something is rude as well, but I'd like to think it is different. I'm getting increasingly annoyed with what seems like people's inability to be respectful of the places and people around them. Since I was raised to speak my mind, that creates a perfect storm of the exact opposite of MN nice.

I'm doing my best to really live up to my non MN nice thing, and not talk about people behind their back. To be compassionate with people. And to tell off the mother f.....s that care only for themselves. (including that one last year in the SUV the dinged my door who I may or may not have accidentally opened my door into a little harder than normally. Its Hyundai, not a 20 year old POS, for gods sake)

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