Sunday, June 22, 2008

Biki..what? Do they make Spanx for that?

Ok, I have a dilema. I bought M a nice cute little two piece, with a short sleeve rash guard top and a regular bottom. (ok, didn't even know what it meant until I just looked it up for that link, I was just excited about less skin exposed to the sun) We have the cute water table that I got off of CL (castle themed, it has a moat!), and she loves that. However, we live in Minneapolis. We have pools here. Neighborhood wading pools everywhere. And even with the tubes, we can use them. We can keep her from going underwater and still let her splash and have fun. We can put the waxy stuff in her ears.

However, for her to go in the water, I need a swim suit. I owned a bikini, once. I think it was black with white polka dots. I have no photographic proof so you're just going to have to take my word for it, but I was hot. Most of the time however, I wore a diving suit. Something like this. Except in a significantly less attractive maroon and gold color scheme. I was in competitive swimming and those things stay ON. Since then, my body went a wee bit in the direction I hoped that it never would and I've taken to just not swimming at all. I may have bought a suit or two, but never actually wore them. All of them looked kind of like that. (including the pink one that is in a pile of clothes in the bedroom that I bought right before I got pregnant)

I'm sure it will still fit. I'm back to approximately my pre-preg weight. However, I have this thing. I don't know what to call it, but it lives somewhere below my waist and seems to be made of skin. I wonder how odd Spanx would look under a swimsuit...

It's only the second day of summer. I have time to get brave and maybe lose a cheerleader, right? And you know... shave.

This post was written for Parent Bloggers Network as part of a sweepstakes sponsored by BOCA to promote their new Balanced Living group. Mmm... veggie burger. No really, I love them.

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