Sunday, March 7, 2010

Like Rabbits

In the past three or so weeks I have found out that there are nine babies on the way amongst friends and family.


That includes some that no one really knows about yet (still holding our breath for them), friends, coworkers, and an old family friend and his husband who are expecting triplets (3! at once!).

I need to get my crafty butt in gear. It started with a mere four. So I had plans to make quilts. I have the pieces of at least two downstairs in the craft things, in various states of assembly. I could do a non pieced quilt for at least one or two of them, and nearly all of them were due late summer/early fall.

Yeah... consider me completely under water now. The triplets! are due in early April, and since that one is family basically, I can't exactly phone it in. So I did what any self respecting crafter would do. I made something for my kid.

Andrea and I were supposed to meet for sewing a few weeks ago, and thanks to a slight communication issue at the shop, we ended up eating dessert instead. She showed me this adorable dress pattern for her daughter, which got me thinking about how I really should make some dresses for M. I haven't been finding anything sufficiently pink and twirly lately at the stores, and heck, I know how to sew. Reasonably well even.

We went to Crafty Planet and picked out this pattern. She would have preferred all pink, but I realized that wasn't a good idea. It is just mostly pink.

The pattern was nice, but I found at least three typos in it. If I were a novice sewer (it says it is good for beginners) then I would have been very confused. She also suggests using a serger for the "beginner" patterns. Yeah um... what beginner do you know that invests a minimum of 200 bucks in a serger. Those issues aside, nice overall design, I finished it in an afternoon, and she loves it.

I did leave off the apron from the front, but the sash stayed since I made it large enough that it can grow with her. I think next I'm going to combine two of the patterns and do tunic top, but with the top from this dress. As long as it is pink, I am pretty sure she'll approve.

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Syl (previously known as Shib) said...

Since you seem to know about these thigns, I was wondering if you know of someplace I can either get the actual thing or a patern for a tulle underskirt. I have a number of cotton skirts that I'd love to wear a tulle underlay. But, I cannot find them anywhere! I can sew though so if I could find a pattern, that'd be a start.