Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Great Outdoors

I like exercising indoors... wait no. I can't lie anymore.

I hate it.

I just attempt to fake it every winter because if you're trying to be healthy, you need to exercise, no matter what the wind chill factor is. The reality is that I can only fake it so long. What I long for is being able to get outside, breath fresh(ish) air, and stretch my body in a place that doesn't require making sure I'm not going to hit myself or injure a piece of furniture.

It is a damn good thing that spring came early. Not that it would have stopped me entirely. I have found over the last couple of years that my limit is around 40 degrees. I'll even wear my mittens when I'm out walking/running if I have to just to be able to get out. The hardest part is enough daylight.

Since last Saturday, when it finally got warm, and the dreaded daylights savings time kicked in (I hate adjusting my sleep), I've been out five out of six days. That one day I didn't, it rained and I worked late, because it was raining and I wasn't going to get out anyway. I've even managed to do some real honest running in there. I'm not where I was last fall, but I am not bad at all. Give me another week or two of good weather (and an understanding husband because this all happens pre new bedtime) and I think I may be ready for a 5K in (gasp!) May!

I have a whole winter of not doing as much as I should to make up for. I have a good five pounds of back peddling I need to get past before I get back on track. However, unless we start having monsoons, I'm not worried, even a little.

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