Friday, February 5, 2010

Bye Bye Bewbies

I have never been... endowed. Really. I lived happily in the middle. Not as small as my mom, not as large as my grandmothers. It was, in all reality, a happy place to be. Clothes fit me as long as I wasn't plus sized. Even then, better too big than busting out.

Side note: What in the heck is it with them thinking that if you are fat you magically grew bewbs. I mean, really. Thanks goodness Lane Bryant understands this and makes a 40 B. Or I would have been totally lost.

Pregnancy brought on a whole new world to me. I discovered being and F. I actually had problems finding nursing bras that did more than just serve as a place to put the breast pads. I was relieved when I could finally fit in to a proper bra again. The shrinking, it was a good thing.

Now however, not so much. Not only are the poor girls shrinking (when I lose weight they are the first thing to go) but well, they have... deflated. Nothing that a good padded push up bra can't fix, but I doubt I will ever be able to pull off anything other than "full coverage" ever again.

At some point this weekend I need to go to somewhere that sells bras (I think I have at least one more band size available at Lane Bryant) and get something new. I went shopping for a new sports bra (yay Title Nine is in town!). Looking in a mirror it was very clear to me how bad my current bra fits. The ultimate size of the new one I got confirms it.

Anyone have favorite post I had a baby and I nursed for 18 months bra? VS hasn't had anything that could hold them that I've found, and I prefer good construction to cheap department store.

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simplicity said...

I've had good luck at both Macy's and JcPenney. Good luck!