Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Biting Off

So, if you follow me on Twitter, you may have noticed I'm freaking out a bit about my blog situation. You see, I'm still not decided about BlogHer. I mean, I want to go, but it is expensive. If I go, I want to be able to justify it with my seriousness about blogging. In my mind, since I've already paid for the domain/hosting, that means getting my blog on my own domain. If I am going to do that, I need to invest in my brand, which means I need to invest in design, which is really just rationalizing going to BlogHer.

I mean, I have no intention of leaving a job that I love for being a full time blogger, for one, I'm not that good. However, I like how blogging helps my mental health, my actual physical health, and I like the community I have found in it. It has also helped me (though not sure if you can tell that here) become a better writer.

I am pretty sure that this whole parenting thing would have been a lot harder if I hadn't had a blog. It is my outlet for a lot of things. It also means I don't have to call my mom as much, which well, is sort of nice.

There are also some opportunities that I've wanted to take advantage of that I can't until I have a more mature blog.

So, I need your help. I may be able to figure out how to do my own design, but I am still thinking about having someone do some graphics for me. I know what I want, I just don't have the tools to do it myself. I'm also not rich, so someone looking to build a portfolio who would work for home made pickles would be a plus, but not needed.

Along those same lines, would you find it amusing if I played off of the Sprout part of the blog name? As in very young plants thing? It seems either entirely brilliant or completely stupid.


simplicity said...

Check into, she does graphic design and from what I understand (met her at Cupcake) it's reasonable. :)
I'm with you on the toying with BlogHer deal too! I really want to go but am not sure I can justify the expense etc. Wish a sponsor would just land in my lap :) ha! A girl can dream can't she!

tere said...

being you mom, I wouldn't mind a few more calls. I also enjoy keeping up with things here in lew of calls. Need more pictures of the kid and you all.
love,.your mom,

Heather said...

I would love to have a professional designer redo my blog, too. I'd much rather put my time into the writing.

I like your idea of playing off the "Sprout" in your blog name.

Zahra said...

Love the idea of playing off the Sprout part of your blog name.And I'm with you on the BlogHer thing. I'm seriously debating it. I could actually even drive there. New York is only a few hour drive for me, but the hotels and the conference fee would add up. Just don't know what to do.

p.s. I have Photoshop and a design degree and am willing to help with some graphics. Ping me if you want to discuss.

Amanda said...

Well... I personally dont think you need to change anything, it looks great! But I get that you want to. And I am with you on blogher. I want to go...kinda... but not sure that I should be leaving my family and going to a bloggin convention! (not that you said that, i said that, but I am just typing out loud here) ;)

Anywho... wish I could help more!


Tikki said...

Play on Sprout!

Christina said...

Go with the play on Sprout. I think it would be a good look.

I'm usually too cheap to pay for designers, but I'm considering letting someone else do a design for me this year.

And I do hope you go to BlogHer! We could room together if you like?

PS - Did Aaron tell you yet that he'll be in your city the first week of March?