Monday, January 4, 2010

Sugar Free

One of the realities of being insulin resistant is that you are supposed to behave like a diabetic. As in, lay off the sugar already. It would be one of the things that I'm not so good at giving up, of course. Which may explain, other than genetics, how I got here.

I can give up fried food, I have many times, I can give up soda, done that before too, but ask me to give up my chocolate, cookies, and desserts, well you might as well just shoot me. I've quit smoking, I've quit bad relationships, but this is the thing that causes me the most issues.

After my initial diagnosis of insulin resistance last January, I spent the following February giving up sugar. It was hard, but I was determined. By March, I was exercising thanks to the Shredheads and allowed myself a little sugar, occasionally. By April, and Easter, I had a bag of candy in my desk at work. I was still losing weight, so it didn't matter, right? You don't even want to know what Halloween did to me. That combined with the whole sick for two months thing, and I'm back to being a regular sugaraholic.

However, as of today, it changes. I am back to being determined if it kills me. I need to jump start my ability to fit back into my pants, as well as give my mood a kick in the ass. That isn't to say this isn't going to be challenging. I'm giving myself one raw sugar in my latte. I'm allowing myself sugar as an ingredient in certain foods, but doing my damnedest to make sure it isn't there as HFCS or as a needless additive. I'm also back on the exercise kick. As of tomorrow, no more house guests. That means I can go back to working out at the gym as well as in the house.

Oh Jillian how I've missed you so.


Boston Mamas said...

I'm with you! I actually wrote about that as final post of #best09 challenge (over at pop discourse). Setting an intention to curb sugar intake! Go you! -Christine

Birdie said...

I'm right there with you, girl. We have pretty much gotten rid of the HFCS...down to our ketchup. But the holidays brought in a whole bunch of chocolate, cookies, almond candy, pumpkin get the idea.

I'm a little burnt out on the shred, so with some xmas money I bought the biggest loser cardio max dvd and jillian's no more trouble zones. So far so good!!

Kay said...

Hey Amelia - Just wanted to drop by and say - I started the 30 day shred yesterday - thanks to you! I'll let you know how it goes. So far so good - but a little sore today.
I mean come on 20 minutes? There is no reason not to find 20 minutes in a day to exercise. It went by so fast.

(only problem I find is those darn jumping jacks - after 2 kids - I should wear a Depends during those)

the new girl said...

I'm the same with the desserts.