Saturday, January 2, 2010


Generally speaking, I suck at resolutions. However, I thought I'd try a few goals for the year. You know, easily achievable, but good to put down in writing. 12 of them, one for every month.

1. Move to my own domain. I own it, I own the hosting, I need to get off my duff and do it. It isn't like I have gardening to distract me when it is -12 outside.

2. Finish at least four knitted projects.
  • Hat for me.
  • Sweater for M.
  • Lightweight hat for A.
  • Mittens for my sorry frozen fingers that don't fit in to any women's mittens available.

3. Finish some sewing projects, at least three.
  • Dresses for M.
  • Quilt for somebody.
  • Maybe another quilt for somebody else. ( I should have a quilting foot for my sewing machine relatively soon)
4. Keep my house cleaner. This is a goal for the whole family, whether they like it or not.

5. Spend less money on crap. I want to start traveling again, that requires dough.

6. Get back to exercising four to five times a week and tracking what I eat. The holidays were fun, but I'm healthy now and want to stay that way, so I should get to it before I get the death flu again.

7. I'm totally stealing this one from an unnamed friend (you know who you are) but get rid of 365 things in the next 364 days. Not counting the stuff already in bags to go to the Sal Army. This may include the three bookcases I'm trying to give away. I may have to start a blog just to keep track of that, or better yet, a page when I move over to Wordpress.

8. Read at least six books, for fun. I have a lot of stuff I've gotten as gifts I have never read. That's silly, I should fix it.

9. Take better care of my skin. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.

10. Wear jewelry at least twice a week. (I'm starting small)

11. Take pictures every day. I have the camera of my small dreams, I will use it. Even if it is to photograph the dust bunnies.

12. Grow an even bigger garden than last year. (there has to be at least one gimme, right?)

PS. Thanks for the amazing comments and support on the last post. Y'all are the bestest.


jen @ negative lane said...

You've inspired me to post my own resolutions. Six to your twelve, but hello? I'm older and tireder than you, with an additional child, so I'm proud I could come up with even six.

Since I just finally moved to self-hosted Wordpress (godaddy with thesis theme) myself, if I can offer any advice or assistance, I'm offering. It was a lot of work. I still don't know that much, but I might be able to point you towards the answers. Good luck!

andreaberg said...

These are great resolutions - I love them. I am also going to totally steal some of them also.

Happy new year!

tere said...

You go girl!! I'm proud of this and let me know what I can do to support all this.
love you