Friday, December 11, 2009

Amelia Sprout's Rules for Winter in Minnesota

1. It happens. It really shouldn't be a surprise since it has been happening relatively like this since, oh, the Ice Age. Quit your whining or move to Texas.

2. Fashion doesn't count when the wind chill is below zero. Quit acting like it does.

3. Own the following items and use them often when it is cold.
  • A parka. As in a warm coat the goes at least to your ass.
  • A pair of proper boots. Carry your shoes for indoors with you, but wear the boots. Your frost bitten toes will thank you. My personal favorite, Sorel Pacs. Mine are retro black and purple and I love them. They make cool looking ones that keep your feet warm too though.
  • A hat. Seriously, own a hat. If you're like my husband, wear the earmuffs in the morning when you care about your hair, but a hat when it is really cold. Everyone else will have hat hair so it won't matter. My hat, totally goofy elfin looking one I knit myself. It is warm though, so I don't care how silly I look.

4. Mittens are better than gloves. Fingers stay warmer when together.

5. If it is icy, four wheel drive doesn't do you much better than two wheel drive. Drive accordingly. That being said, if the roads are dry, chill already. It is winter, not the end of the world.

6. If you are a parent of a child, please for the love of pete, dress them accordingly. Dress yourself accordingly and set a good example too.

7. Bake cookies. Warms the house and yummy too.


yasmara said...

People freak out every year we get the first "real" snow. We live near a middle school & I'm amazed at how many inappropriately dressed children I see. Is wearing a hat (or coat) really social suicide when you're 12?

It's official, I'm a crabby old lady (despite being 34).

6512 and growing said...

Can you talk to my kids about your rules? They are very good rules. My kids are very naughty.

andreaberg said...


Yet I don't have a hat. Hoping to find one that I like soon.

Spot On Your Pants said...

old school ear muffs or the cool(er) kind that go behind your head? :-) i'd make him drive separately.

shannon said...

Totally agree about the boots - drives me nuts to see women walking through the snow & ice-covered parking lot at work in tiny little flats or heels in the winter!