Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sugar High

Things I didn't appreciate enough before having kids:

Sick days that were all about me.
Daylight savings time.
Taking Nyquil and just passing out.

Halloween was a success, except that we all seem to now have a cold. A was nursing something before, but when is the poor asthmatic not nursing something (side effect of having a kid). However, now we all are. Not a fever to be found in the bunch, but enough of "well, almost a fever" that we're all staying home to annoy each other tomorrow to be safe. I am, for the second time since September, cursing my parents for not having my tonsils removed, and I think this may be the year that I really seriously corner an ENT until they do it. It means dragging myself to urgent care every time I get a sore throat for more than a couple of days to establish history, and said urgent cares are full of flu patients, but I guess if that is what it takes. I would really love to be able to eat something with texture without screaming in pain. Also, hard to want to work out when you're in pain. Really.

Speaking of Halloween, I guess I'm like the most boring mom ever. We really don't let M have any candy. She gets the occasional M & M, ice cream every so often (five to six bites at a time), usually as a treat, and generally speaking pretty healthy stuff at home. Even if I wuss on dinner and head for a fast food joint, she usually gets some extra veggies at home. It amazes me that someone would give a kid who weighs under 40 pounds more than a piece at a time. Maybe it is just all of the diabetic nutritionist stuff I'm dealing with, but that would just do horrid things to your blood sugar.

I was lucky in that four houses was plenty for her. She got to enjoy some of it (M & M's emptied into her candy jar), and her dad and I may have offed the other ten pieces ourselves.

So, wish me luck tomorrow. I have every intention of making it a day about movies and snuggles on the couch. We'll see how that goes.

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Birdie said...

haha- right there with you on the three things. daylight savings time especially. sigh.

we've been letting otto pick out one treat from his bucket per day...and i've removed all the stuff i flat out don't want him eating. won't say where i removed them to. heh.