Monday, November 2, 2009


We'll call this week a forced vacation of sorts. Saturday night after a rockus night in public including those four houses, and a party, with other kids, M had a slight fever. 100.5 Which our Ped told us was the very edge and that she had to maintain it. When it really didn't return on Sunday, we figured it was a fluke of running crazy in a stuffed spider costume. While neither A nor I felt well, neither of us had the dreaded fever of flu. We did however decide to be safe we would stay home today. Great, until the feverishness came back. I could only pin it down at a little over 100, but we called the Dr, and they said come in, just in case it is strep.

It is not strep, it could be Mono, though she didn't think that enough to test for it. It is however an Influenza Like Illness. (ILI) The dreaded three letter acronym that gets us kicked out of daycare for a week.

Nice, eh?

So, instead of A or I dragging ourselves to work and trading days off with the kid, are both working from home (as much as we can) and enjoying a week of Sesame Street and PBS Sprout. We figure it is a courtesy to all of our coworkers, and since I'm still loving the naps, it is a good thing.

Wearing my mask at the Dr. So M would wear hers and in case I coughed.


Boston Mamas said...

Oh man... wishing you guys well! -Christine

Jen L. said...

Popped over from NaBloPoMo. Hope you guys feel better soon!