Saturday, November 28, 2009

Keep Your Family Close

I very nearly forgot to post because today my brother came to visit. On his way down to Rochester to look for a place to live. Work has given him a promotion, and a transfer, and he is getting out of our home town. When the house sells, all of our connection to it will be gone. (except a little land my mom has in the country) It is odd, but a good thing. He's 29, wants to have a family and a career, and neither would happen in Fungus Flats. (his name for it)

So, today we went shopping for stuff we needed his truck for, and then hung out and had a good evening. Tomorrow, more of the same. It will be so nice to have him living closer to us. M for sure will love it, seeing as she has claimed him as her's and her's alone.


tere said...

how fun.
for all of you.

darcie said...

fungus flats? bwahahahahahah
I drive thru Fungus Flats all the time on my way home to see OUR family!
I will never look at it the same!