Friday, November 13, 2009

A 12 Step Program For Etsy Addicts

I really should be doing the dishes, but so I didn't have to watch/listen to a movie that just wasn't my thing, I just spent two hours basically browsing Etsy.

Damn that place is addictive. It is a good thing I'm poor. I've said it on Twitter and I'll say it again here, they need to figure out how to do gift certificates. Seriously. Because if my MIL could do that she would already have a list from me. She doesn't because I can't come up with more than like six things. I guess that means I am blessed and lucky that there is little I need. Sure, I want things, but they all cost a lot or are on Etsy.

I am so glad it is Friday. I finally feel human, I have no guests, no plans, and I can actually do some crafting cleaning. Right, that is what I should be doing. We'll just ignore that I finally got my copy of One Yard Wonders (sold out multiple times at Crafty Planet just in the last week, but I know they have more now), OK?


tere said...

Okay, so I was at the Boulder Pottery Guild show today and then I went to Etsy. give me some ideas of things you'd like.
not your MIL, but your mom

tere said...

Oh yeah, not just to get them for you but I have appreciated how you look at things and what I learn from what you like. reminds me of the van gogh's at the national gallery. I learned to look at things differently--thanks for that.
love you

Jen said...

Also *ahem* your MIL does have "elves" that she employs. These things can be worked out.